Worried about screwing up your kids?

If you’ve been searching for a method to the parenting madness, and are wondering
if it’s possible to raise happy, cooperative, self-confident kids in today’s crazy world—
even through tragedy, crises, and occasionally losing your sh*t

WELCOME TO THE INSTITUTE FOR CONFIDENT PARENTING…so happy you decided to check us out! This is the place to discover better ways to create emotionally sound, competent, dependable, compassionate, happy, and cooperative kids.

OUR MISSION AT ICP IS SIMPLE…we combine cutting edge research in developmental psychology and proven parenting techniques to help you build a stronger connection with your kids.

And through that strong connection, you’ll be able to secure and maintain your position as the key influencer in the lives of your kids. Which means, you’ll become more confident in your role as a parent or mentor…build the kind of kids you can be proud of…and enjoy the process!

Whether you’re a seasoned parent…someone working with kids professionally…a soon-to-be parent…new parent…grandparent…godparent…youth group leader…educator…coach…adult volunteer working with kids…social worker—

Or you simply have been missing from the scene for a while or out of practice, and are now wondering what makes today’s generation of kids tick—then you’ve come to the right place to discover how to build better kids!